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Four catastrophic car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Car Accidents

Any injury after a collision can impact your life, but some injuries can be long-lasting or life-changing. What catastrophic injuries might a car accident cause?

Brain injuries

A sudden movement or strike to the head can damage the brain, even if the injury initially seems minor. Injuries to the brain can lead to headaches, nausea, changes in mood or personality, seizures and many other symptoms.

Neck and spinal cord injuries

Car accidents are a common cause of neck injuries, and since 2015 they have been the leading cause of injuries to the spinal cord. These injuries can have a long-lasting impact on an injured person’s life. Depending on the severity of the injuries, a person may partially or wholly lose the use of the parts of their body below the injury.

Damage to limbs

Like spinal cord injuries, damage to a person’s limbs in a crash may leave them with partial or complete loss of those body parts. Collisions can even lead to the amputation of the limb itself.

Internal bleeding or organ damage

When the force of a crash impacts a person’s torso, that force can damage organs like the liver or kidneys. These injuries can also involve significant internal bleeding and other complications and could require surgery to treat.


If a crash results in a fire, the burns can cause significant pain. Burn scarring may also limit mobility and permanently change a person’s appearance.

Any of these injuries may require costly long-term medical care. Thankfully, people who experience catastrophic injuries in a crash and their families may be able to receive compensation to address these costs.