Melbourne, FL Business Lawyer

Melbourne, FL Business Lawyer. Some industries face specific laws and regulations that apply to those in the field. Businesses of all types also must conform to many regulations that apply across the board, such as environmental regulations and advertising laws. Ametheyst Law Group will provide representation to protects your business.

Amethyst Law Group, in Melbourne, FL can help you address the myriad legal issues that arise when you are starting a new venture, operating an established company, or winding up or selling a business. Handling a broad spectrum of legal issues that confront companies. For new ventures, we can help with business formation decisions, including selecting the proper business form, such a partnership, LLC or corporation, or addressing financial compliance issues when raising capital. In addition, we can offer advice when reviewing leases, purchase agreements, and other types of contracts. Other issues covered in this practice area include employee compensation and benefits, building relationships with independent contractors and other entities, and compliance with relevant advertising regulations.

We litigate business disputes that arise from transactional work, and handle issues such as breach of contract claims, consumer class action lawsuits, and wrongful termination claims.



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