Storm Damage / Property Damage Claims

Has your home been damaged by a hurricane or windstorm?

When damage to your property occurs, don’t let the insurance company intimidate or treat you unfairly. Amethyst Law Group, LLC advocates to preserve and protect the legal rights of policyholders under their insurance policy.

When your home or business has been damaged by storm, Amethyst Law Group, LLC will provide you with advice and representation to ensure that you receive the comprehensive compensation provided by your insurance policy.

Damage from hurricanes, tornadoes or even ordinary storms can be expensive to repair. Often times, insurance carriers look for reasons to deny or underpay your storm claim. Today, our office has who focus almost exclusively on representing individuals and businesses in disputes over insurance claims. Our offices are conveniently located in Tampa, Melbourne and Miami, Florida.

Florida Insurance Lawyers Who Understand Storm Claims

If your home or business has been damaged by storm-related wind, hail, lightning or water, our lawyers can help you receive compensation for:

  • Damaged roofs, from repairing shingles to a complete replacement
  • Water damage
  • Structural damages and cosmetic damages
  • Damage to trees and landscaping
  • Other damages

If you believe your insurance company is not treating your storm damage claim fairly, our law firm will thoroughly investigate your claim to determine the extent of your damages and the true cost of repair. When necessary, we will bring in contractors and other repair experts to assist us. We will closely review your policy to determine what damages you are entitled to receive and work with your insurance company to settle your claim. We are known for our willingness to try insurance cases if your insurance company refuses to settle fairly.

How Our Lawyers Can Help With Your Storm Damage Claim

Amethyst Law Group, LLC can help with every aspect of your claim. From start to finish, your lawyer will be by your side, giving you sound advice and helping you with complicated legal matters. We can help you build a claim, gather evidence to support your claimed damages, and go up against insurance claims adjusters on your behalf. Our attorneys use proven legal strategies to argue for top results without backing down. If we need to take your insurance claim to court for full compensation, we can go to trial while you focus on repairing your home. We can be your voice during all storm damage claim negotiation or litigation in Tampa, Miami, Melbourne, Florida.

Common Types of Storm Damage

A bad storm can damage virtually any part of your property – your landscaping, home, vehicles, and other property structures. Storms in Florida can be powerful enough to lift your roof from your home, push a tree down on top of your car, or flood your property. At our law firm, we have the experience and education to handle any type of storm damage insurance claim. Contact us for assistance after any type of storm damage, common or uncommon, including:

  • Power line damage: If a storm downed a power line that damaged your home, such as blown circuits and damaged electronics, your insurance company may pay for repairs. The city may also be responsible for these damages depending on the situation.
  • Water damage: Rainstorms, tidal wave overflows, and flash floods could cause storm-related water damage in your home. Most homeowners’ insurance companies only cover water damage from storms and appliance issues, not floods. You may need separate insurance for flood coverage.
  • Wind damage: Strong winds during a storm in Tampa, such as a hurricane or tornado, could cause significant damage to your home. It may rip away your roof, shutters, and doors. You may be able to recover compensation for wind damage to every part of your home and landscape.
  • Hail damage: A hailstorm can drop thousands of dangerous balls of ice onto your home, property, and vehicles. This unforeseen event can cause significant property damage, including breaking windows, denting your car, and damaging your roof.
  • Roof damage: The roof can suffer damages such as lost shingles, holes, leaks, or a weakened structure in any type of storm. You may be eligible for a new roof as well as compensation for related property damage, such as water damage from a leak, after a storm in Tampa.

Regardless of the specific types of losses you suffered, find out how our attorneys can help during a free legal consultation. We can assess your property damages, estimate the costs of repairs, and help you build a stronger insurance claim. If an insurance company is trying to downplay your damages or unfairly deny your claim, we may be able to settle matters through aggressive legal tactics. We understand the Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights and related Florida insurance laws, as well as how to use them to a client’s advantage.

What to Do If Your Home Is Damaged By a Storm

If you recently suffered any type of storm damage to your home in Florida, document your losses in detail. Take photos of your property damage before calling in a repair team. Have an independent appraiser come by and evaluate the value of your losses. Then, file a homeowners insurance claim demanding fair compensation for all the damage your home and property sustained in the storm. If the insurance company does not offer a reasonable settlement, unfairly denies your claim, or delays your payout without a valid reason, contact Amethyst Law Group, LLC for assistance. We may need to take your storm damage insurance claim to court for fair results.

Contact us for a free no obligation review of your claim or denied claim.

Our offices are located in Tampa, Melbourne, and Miami, Florida.

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