3 reasons for grieving families to consider a wrongful death claim

When a member of your family dies unexpectedly, you can lose yourself in the grieving process. Daily life will continue around you, while the world passes in a blur.

Some people feel so intensely emotional that they can barely interact with others. Some grieving family members feel numb and then later become angry at the unfairness of their loss. Whether you feel deep sorrow or a sense of rage, going to court over your loss may be the furthest thing from your mind.

You simply want to make it through the next week and help your children grieve. However, wrongful death lawsuits in Florida exist for a reason. They can be invaluable after a sudden and unexpected tragedy affects your family. Why do people file wrongful death lawsuits?

There are financial consequences to every death

You may have spent so much time focusing on the emotional and social impact of your loss that you have not truly considered the practical implications yet. Your family has lost a lifetime of income and benefits. You have lost support from a close relationship and services around the home.

While some of those losses are largely intangible, they do still have economic value. A wrongful death lawsuit gives a family a chance to claim financial compensation for the practical consequences of a death.

Going to court can give you closure

Did a local business turn out a defective product that caused a fatal car crash or electrical injury? Did a drunk or distracted driver do something irresponsible that cost your loved one their life?

When someone else’s misconduct or negligence has direct consequences for your family, a successful civil lawsuit can be a form of closure. The courts will declare the other party responsible, in addition to whatever compensation they award you.

You can help protect other

After losing someone unexpectedly, you know that you don’t want anyone else to suffer the way that your family has. Whether your claim is against a drunk driver or an irresponsible business, pursuing civil justice can change the way that the other party behaves and prevent them from negatively impacting other people in the future.

Learning more about Florida wrongful death lawsuits can help your family seek closure and justice after a tragedy.


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