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Professional Legal Guidance For Business Owners, Managers And Executives

Businesses of all types need a solid legal foundation as well as a source of guidance when trouble appears. Starting a business is a serious undertaking that requires customized legal insights. Existing businesses often run into problems, from partnership disagreements to commercial lease disputes. Company owners and managers who are considering downsizing or dissolution also need legal direction.

As someone in charge of any facet of a business, you are wise to seek legal counsel. The legal team at Amethyst Law Group, LLC can help you address the myriad legal issues that arise when you are starting a new venture, operating an established company or selling a business. We handle a broad spectrum of legal concerns that companies commonly encounter.

Business Formation, Operations, Growth, Mergers, And Acquisitions

For new ventures, we can help with business formation decisions, including selecting the proper business form – such as a partnership, LLC or corporation – and addressing financial compliance issues when raising capital.

In addition, we can offer advice when reviewing leases, purchase agreements and other types of contracts. Other areas in which our team can provide guidance include employee compensation and benefits, building relationships with independent contractors and other entities, and compliance with relevant advertising regulations.

Our business law team will also support the growth or evolution of your business. At some point, you may decide to merge your business with another one, acquire a business or sell your business. In any merger or acquisition case involving your business, we will help protect your interests. We know how important it is for you to maximize profitability, preserve continuity and minimize exposure to risks during times of transition.

Let’s Get Started Resolving Your Business Law Challenges

Our business law practice encompasses many legal issues affecting businesses. For example, we can defend your business from a premises liability or product liability claim. The resolution may come about through negotiations, mediation or a trial. We can help you file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for your business or represent you as a creditor when a customer, your debtor, has filed for bankruptcy, threatening your cash flow.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help clients file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.