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Advocacy That Works After A Pedestrian Accident

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, you are certainly not alone. A prominent government agency as well as a well-established nonprofit organization have identified Florida as a state with a high rate of pedestrian accidents in recent years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Organization, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation ranked Florida as No. 4 in the nation in 2020 for pedestrian deaths per 100,000 residents. In addition, Safe Growth America (SGA), a research and advocacy organization in Washington, D.C., pinpointed seven Florida metro areas among the top 20 in the nation for pedestrian deaths. Daytona-Ormand Beach was No. 1 and Tampa was No. 4 on the most recent list, issued in 2022.

The lists cited above tallied fatalities, but many additional pedestrians have suffered nonfatal injuries in the same time period. According to SGA, pedestrian accidents have increased significantly in the last few years. If you or your loved one will be among those counted in the next research reports because of a recent accident, we recommend that you get legal advice right away. At Amethyst Law Group, we provide free initial consultations.

Your Challenges After A Hit-And-Run Or Any Other Type Of Pedestrian Accident

Medically speaking, you likely face a long, hard road to recovery. You may require surgery, hospitalization and in-patient rehabilitation. At home, you might need to widen doorways, install ramps and otherwise restructure your living space to accommodate temporary or lifelong disabilities. Your traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, broken bones or back, neck or shoulder injuries alter your lifestyle significantly.

Financially, it won’t take long to discover just how expensive medical treatments can be after a serious accident. Our personal injury lawyers focus on helping clients recover compensation promptly.

Recovery after a pedestrian accident involves more than medical care and financial support. Intangibles, such as a determination to get better, make a great difference. Like the gemstone amethyst, known for its stress-relieving and healing properties, our attorneys provide soothing legal counsel. We encourage our clients as well as advocate efficiently on behalf of each one.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Are Here For You

Our personal injury practice has served as a beacon for many people injured as pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists. Our methods have been refined through our attorneys’ 30 combined years of experience. We urge you to schedule a free initial case review without delay.

Reach our firm at 813-670-6027 or complete a simple contact form to start the conversation about your pedestrian accident recovery. We can meet with you at one of our offices in Tampa, Miami, Melbourne or Ocala or get acquainted initially by phone or video chat. Our services are available in Spanish, German, Farsi, Swedish and English.