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When An Injury Leads To Paralysis

A spinal cord injury is one of life’s most jarring misfortunes. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident, a fall or a construction accident, you may need daily help for the first time in your life. Rebuilding a manageable lifestyle with paraplegia or quadriplegia requires courage and support. Reliable, effective legal representation should be part of your strategy for recovery if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence.

At Amethyst Law Group, we provide legal counsel that highlights paths to restored hope. Just as amethyst is believed to promote healing, our law firm works to support recoveries for those seriously injured in Florida. With more than 30 combined years of experience, our attorneys collaborate as needed for the sake of our clients. We show that we care by getting results.

Get The Legal Advice And Advocacy That You Need

After the car accident or any type of accident that caused your spinal cord injury, you may face a long recovery process, including:

  • Receiving emergency medical treatments, possibly including surgery
  • Going through physical therapy, occupational therapy and education from experts who can guide you and your family to life after a spinal cord injury
  • Acquiring and learning to use adaptive equipment and durable medical equipment, possibly including a power wheelchair, a lift for your home and a modified van for transportation
  • Getting your home remodeled or moving to a new place with wide doorways, ramps at the doors, lower countertops and a walk-in shower

We are skilled trial attorneys who will build a persuasive case for you if you work with us. We will likely consult with experts such as life care planners and occupational adaptation professionals. Their input will help us put a dollar figure on your total injury claim. To ensure that you have a favorable outcome including compensation for your pain and suffering, we will prepare your case as if for trial. This approach often helps us get strong settlements for our clients, but we are always ready to go to court if necessary.

We Care And We Are Here For You And Your Family

At Amethyst Law Group, we understand that recovering after a spinal cord injury is often a family affair. Your spouse, parents, children or siblings who watch out for you may need help just as you do, even though their needs will be distinct from yours. We approach spinal cord injury, lumbar injury and other back injury cases from a big-picture perspective. Your concerns and questions will not fall through the cracks.

Get the legal side of your spinal cord injury recovery off the ground without delay. Schedule a free consultation with one or more of our personal injury lawyers by calling 813-670-6027 or sending an email message without hesitation. For your convenience, we have offices in Tampa, Miami, Melbourne and Ocala, and we can also meet with you via phone or video chat. Our services are available in Spanish, German, Farsi, Swedish and English.