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Find Healing And Hope After A Serious Dog Bite Injury

A dog bite or mauling incident is often a cause of serious psychological trauma as well as physical injuries. Some experts say that children and young women who are left scarred experience the most serious aftereffects of dog bites. However, at Amethyst Law Group, we are well aware that a client of any age or gender may have an uphill climb to recovery after an animal attack. We are here for you if this has happened to you.

Amethyst Law Group consists of three lawyers with more than 30 combined years of experience. We share a passion to make a difference for our clients. We truly care about their futures, and we work hard to deliver results for each one. Like the gemstone by the same name, our law firm stands for healing and restoration. It will be our privilege to help you recover the compensation and help that you need after a dog bite or any animal attack.

What You May Face After A Dog Bite

Your path to recovery after a dog bite may include:

  • Emergency treatment for your wounds
  • Ongoing monitoring for infection
  • Follow-up medical and psychological care
  • Plastic surgery or other necessary treatments

Discuss your case with one or more of our lawyers and learn how we can help you find your way forward. We can help you recover compensation by:

  • Filing an injury claim on your behalf
  • Supporting your side in settlement negotiations
  • Assisting you in mediation
  • Representing you in trial court and/or in an appeal if necessary

We will aim for a timely resolution of your case, but we will not urge you to accept an insufficient settlement offer. We will let your legal opponent know that we will pursue litigation as necessary to get the relief you deserve. Our goal is to help you recover as fully as you can.

Experienced Representation For Dog Attack Cases

Are you worried about “suing” a friend or family member who is the owner of the dog that bit you? Their homeowners insurance might well cover dog bites. Let’s discuss this or any concerns you have during a free initial consultation.

Please call 813-670-6027 or send us an online inquiry to request a meeting with one of our trial lawyers. For your convenience, we have offices in Tampa, Miami, Melbourne and Ocala, and we can also meet with you via phone or video chat. Our services are available in Spanish, German, Farsi, Swedish and English.