Above all, Amethyst Law Group, LLC is a firm dedicated to achieving results for its clients. Moreover, as a statewide service, with offices in Tampa, Miami, Ocala, and Melbourne, we are able to help more effectively.

The significance of the firms name is due to the Amethyst’s healing properties. First, we strive to propel resolution quickly because this reduces stress. Second, we strive to help understand the process because this increases comfort.

Therefore, let Amethyst Law Group protect your personal or business concerns.

Call us now at (844) 482 – 1239 or visit us today for a free consultation.

We help a wide scope of clients:

  • Pre-Litigation¬†
    • We help people and business through disputes before they escalate to a lawsuit.
  • Civil Litigation
    • We help individuals and businesses through trial.
  • Transactional law
    • We help entrepreneurs and businesses through contract drafting, real estate acquisition, business acquisitions and mergers, and intellectual property affairs.

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