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How pending legislation could affect Florida injury claims

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Personal Injury

Most people are also aware that Florida law gives people the option of pursuing a claim in civil court when someone doesn’t have insurance or when the consequences of an incident are far beyond what their insurance will cover.

Those who intend to pursue a personal injury claim in court may soon need to navigate a more challenging process, as Florida lawmakers have recently proposed dramatic changes to state personal injury laws.

What could potentially change?

Senate Bill 236 could potentially make drastic changes to Florida’s personal injury laws. It has already caused controversy in committee and in the press. There is a similar measure, House Bill 837, making its way through the house. The bills have implications both for insurance claims and civil lawsuits.

Should these bills pass, they will make it more difficult to sue insurance companies when they don’t comply with the rules for claims. The bills could also eliminate the obligation of insurance companies to pay the lawyers of plaintiffs in successful cases.

Finally, the bills would establish a threshold level for negligence claims against businesses. Companies would need to be at least 51% at fault to end up responsible for someone’s damages. The rule may place an extra burden on plaintiffs seeking financial justice. Additionally, the law could change the medical evidence that people can use in injury-related lawsuits.

People will need more help than ever if these bills pass

Those attempting to get compensation from businesses or individuals that cause them injury or violated insurance laws may have a harder time pursuing claims should this legislation become law. It may be more important than ever before for those affected by the misconduct of other people or businesses to secure the right support during their claim process.

Tracking changes to insurance and personal injury laws is often helpful for those who are hoping to secure compensation after suffering losses caused by someone else. With that said, speaking with an attorney who is knowledgeable about the evolving nature of state law can result in this same insight.