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What if you get injured while riding in an Uber or Lyft?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Car Accidents

Many people in Florida use rideshare services frequently. They may ride in an Uber or a Lyft. Both of these rideshare options can be useful for those who are trying to avoid drunk driving charges, for example. If they know that they’ve had too much to drink, they can use an app on their phone to hire another driver to come pick them up.

Unfortunately, as with riding in any other vehicle, you could be injured if a rideshare vehicle gets into a car accident. What are your options if something like this occurs?

Suing the “other” driver

First of all, you certainly could file a lawsuit against another driver who was involved in the crash if they were at fault for the accident. Maybe your Uber driver did not make a mistake. Someone else ran a red light and T-boned the Uber or Lyft vehicle while you were riding in it as a passenger. Both you and your Uber driver may need to sue this other driver to recover compensation.

Suing the Uber or Lyft driver

If your Uber or Lyft driver was negligent and caused the accident, then you would have the option to sue them, as well. It does not matter that you were in the at-fault car. As long as you were not responsible yourself – since you were not the driver in this hypothetical situation – you can seek compensation from the person who was. You trusted them to drive safely with you in their vehicle and they failed to do so.

Suing Uber or Lyft

Finally, there are some situations in which you could even sue Uber or Lyft itself. These companies do carry various levels of insurance that apply to their drivers. In fact, there are situations in which you may be able to sue both the company and the driver at the same time. It’s important to consider all possible avenues for compensation.

Moving forward

A rideshare accident is a bit more complex than a “standard” crash because of the commercial occupation of the driver and the fact that a company is also involved. If you have been injured in such a crash, be sure you know exactly what legal steps to take to seek the compensation you deserve. Working with an experienced legal professional can provide that clarity.